General questions about the Dental R.A.T.

Can you demo a Dental R.A.T. 2.0 unit?

Yes!! If you are interested in demoing a unit, please contact us at 1-877-278-0061 or 1-208-489-1590.

Does it take long to learn to use?

No! It’s a pretty short learning curve. It’s mainly getting your mind around the fact that it’s a mouse with numbers on the floor. If you take about 30 minutes just to play and learn the buttons, mouse, etc. you will find it is very easy and you will get quicker every time. The training video shows how easy it is to learn.

Will it decrease the hygienist’s time?

It takes about the same time to perio chart with the Dental R.A.T. as it does with an assistant; but it saves having to have the assistant in the room at all.

Are there different sizes for different size feet?

It will fit any size from a woman’s 4 on up! We have some doctors with size 13 using it also!

Is it hard to set up?

It’s an easy USB plug into the computer and no software to download.

Questions about Perio Charting and Functionality

Is it just for perio charting?

Since it’s also a mouse, it will do all the same functions that your hand mouse does. You can open your x-rays, run the intra-oral camera, check the schedule… the list goes on and on!

Is it only used in perio offices?

No! It’s for anyone needing access into their computer program. We have general offices as well as periodontal offices across the country using the R.A.T. very successfully in their practices.

I like my patients to hear their perio readings. Can I do that?

We agree with the need to educate the patients while perio charting and that is why we have voice feedback. The Dental R.A.T. actually makes your software talk! As the numbers are entered the computer will say them. We include a headset that can plug into your computer speakers for privacy. Or if you don’t want to have the audio feedback, the computer speakers can just be turned off.

I also enter bleeding and recession and other things?

Yes, its really easy to enter bleeding, recession etc with the tap of the heel. Depending on the software, just park the mouse cursor and tap your heel to enter it. The training video demonstrates it all.

Will it run any intra-oral camera?

Any camera that is ran with your hand mouse you can run with this. So if you capture the picture with a left mouse click, then its just a simple heel click and it will capture the picture.

Will it replace my x-ray foot pedal or intra-oral camera foot pedal?

Yes! If those can also be activated by the regular hand mouse then the R.A.T. can be used and therefore the other pedals aren’t

What if you have to enter a number over 8?

It’s easy, most of the programs have an on-screen keyboard and all you have to do is take the mouse cursor over to that and put it on whatever number you want to enter and heal click.

I’ve tried voice recognition and didn’t care for it, how is this different?

The Dental R.A.T. is not voice, its operated with your foot! If there is a lot of background noise voice recognition has accuracy issues. With the Dental R.A.T. you can talk to the patient while entering in the readings and it’s 100% accurate. With voice one person has to train with it and no one else can use it; with the Dental R.A.T. it doesn’t matter who uses it, a substitute or anyone and it’s accurate. Plus with voice recognition others can hear the patient’s personal information and with the Dental R.A.T. it’s private and just between the operator and their patient.

Misc questions about the Dental R.A.T. foot mouse

What does Dental R.A.T. stand for?

Remote Access Terminal. We called it a rat because it is basically a big mouse:)

I’m not sure if I have the coordination, is it hard to use a foot mouse?

As hygienists or dentists we are already using our feet for a lot of other things. It’s a pretty simple toe tap or heel tap. Probably the hardest to learn to use is the mouse cursor, but that still is a very short learning curve. In the dental office we are pretty coordinated.

What is the difference between the original and the Dental R.A.T. 2.0?

The original “foot mouse” is metal and very sturdy (it will probably never need to be replaced)! It comes with a 3 year warranty and has a USB cord. The original one has a headset plug for the patient or hygienist to hear the numbers privately or to plug speakers into. The Dental R.A.T. 2.0 is much smaller and a hard plastic, the buttons are easier to push and the mouse speed is adjustable (still very durable). The 2.0 is also wireless (radio frequency) or you can plug a usb cord in. The Dental R.A.T. 2.0 comes with a one year warranty and additional years can be purchased. The 2.0 has a plug for a private headset as you enter the numbers with your foot, but the numbers can also be audible thru the computer itself.