Hands Free Perio Charting

Dental R.A.T. 2.0 raises the bar for dental offices that are looking for a hands free solution to do perio charting. If you haven’t heard or seen the Dental R.A.T. you are in for a treat. The Dental R.A.T. is a simple and powerful tool for streamlining your computerized periodontal charting. It works with your current dental software. With our audio feedback it repeats the numbers after they are entered for better patient education and increased hygiene production

The Dental R.A.T. is a simple foot operated mouse that enables the most effective, consistent hands free periodontal charting solution available.

Hands Free Perio Charting – Make the Best Decision

Improved office productivity is a big deal; in fact, the continued success of your dental practice depends on it. Hands free perio charting means you can free up your dental assistants and run a more efficient office.

Visit our comparison page to see the merits and demerits of each of the possible solutions.

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Dental R.A.T. Benefits
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With the Dental R.A.T. you get:

  • More productivity
  • Less frustration
  • Greater satisfaction!

The Dental R.A.T.:

  • Is simple to operate
  • Provides a high return on investment
  • Runs Intra-oral camera and digital x-rays
  • Protects your patients’ privacy
  • Improves perio charting efficiency and accuracy
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Increases your staff productivity
  • View New Training Videos

We put together a new series of training videos that are software specific. We made videos for the most commonly requested periodontal software brands. Visit the videos page to see the Dental R.A.T. in action.

Introducing- Boomer The Foot Mouse

It is the foot mouse without the numbers. To find out more about the revolutionary foot mouse check out the Boomer the foot mouse website.

We now have Hands Free Suctioning!

The Blue Boa® high volume suction adapter is ideal for saliva and water control during ultrasonic scaling & isolation during sealant placement. Works with your favorite saliva ejectors, Hygoformics, Otis Formejects, etc.! Check out more at www.theblueboa.com

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