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The Dental R.A.T. Makes Financial Sense

Dr. Gordon Christensen reviewed the various dental software programs in the February 2003 edition of CRA . In this independent research the findings showed that the #1 concern with all of the top 8 software packages was the fact that it did not reduce staff costs and one of the top features desired was- “hands-free charting”.

Satisfied Hygienists – Dr. Scott A Wright

“I am writing to you with a sincere thank you and “Way-to-go” on your new product. The Remote Access Terminal (Dental R.A.T.) is a time saver extraordinaire! We have had three terminals in our office and it really frees up our staff for more productive use of their time. Patients love the incorporation of the technology and they know they are receiving better care and more timely follow-ups. Our hygienists are more satisfied as well knowing that what they do is more complete for their patients. All in all this device has been a long time coming and it has been a boon to our practice.. Welcome to the 21st century!!”

Scott A. Wright, DDS

The Perfect Hands-Free Solution – Dr. Keith Asarkof

“The Dental R.A.T. has filled a tremendous void in my office operation. I have tried voice activated periodontal charting. This technology was extremely finicky. Eventually, it failed all together and could not be resuscitated by my tech support team. I investigated an automated periodontal probe. This technology was too complex for my needs and extremely expensive. I constantly found myself pulling a staff member from other duties to assist me with my periodontal charting. Needless to say, this created stress in the practice. The Dental R.A.T. has been the perfect solution. It is easy to use, relatively inexpensive to purchase, and becomes a useful patient education tool when hooked up to a speaker. It is now simple for me to remain in compliance with periodontal record keeping standards. I highly recommend the R.A.T. for any office where interface between the dentists/hygienists and the computers is required.”

Keith Asarkof, DMD Lexington, MA
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