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My first Assistive Technology meeting (ATIA) and foot mouse Boomer

As I’m flying home from Orlando this weekend from my first Assistive Technology meeting (ATIA) I’ve sure got a lot to process. This was our first meeting for our new foot mouse Boomer. I’ve always thought that our patent & foot operated mouse would be so handy for so many people that have a hard […]

RDHUOR this year in Vegas

I got to meet Nancy Burkhart at RDHUOR this year in Vegas and what an honor! I thought she’d be just another pretty lady, but nope she is a brainiac;)) She has a BS in Dental Hygiene, a masters in Occupation Health Education, Doctor of Education, Adult Ed. She is founder and co-host of The […]

Boomer The Foot Mouse

We are officially launching Boomer the Foot Mouse at the ADA in New Orleans this Oct30th! We are so excited to launch this new foot mouse for the dentists and surgeons and even the general public that has trouble using a regular hand mouse.  We decided to move forward after many dentists purchased their hygienists […]

New Xylitol Candy – Ice Chips!

We are super excited to be able to offer Ice Chips xylitol candy at our booth now!  We saw the ladies on Shark Tank and then ran into Charlotte after the Oregon meeting.  What a treat, literally:)) So we get to have a couple fun products at our booth!  These Ice Chips taste like candy, but no […]

Boomer – The foot mouse

Boomer The Foot Mouse is getting some attention!  We have been getting a lot of great press the last couple months, here are a couple links to some of the newspaper articles about our new foot mouse in our area.  Idaho Tribune We are also anxious to see the cable show that we are being […]