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Best of Class for 2011

We were just honored with the recognition from the Pride Institute for Best of Class for 2011!! When Dr Lou Shuman- president of the Pride Institute called to let me know I was so surprised! We got to be on the cover of Dental Product Reports and there will be a large booth at the […]

What Does Our Name Mean?

So I get this a lot since the Dental R.A.T. is an odd name. When I first was inventing the foot mouse and thinking of a name we thought of a lot (Rugrat, dental mouse, perio mouse, perio pedal) but basically the foot pedal was a foot mouse with numbers. So what do you call […]

Welcome to the new Dental Rat Website

Over the next few weeks we will be adding new functionality and content to this faster and more secure website. So please take a look around and let us know what you like and what you don’t like. If you find anything doesn’t work or would like us to add something to this website — […]

Upcoming Dental Conferences

We are excited to be involved in a bunch of great dental conferences this summer! We start out in Florida next week in Patti DiGangi and Judy Bendit’s Hygiene Mastery program and then go to the Pacific NW meeting in Seattle then ADHA in LasVegas and then UOR back in Florida in August! These dental conventions are always such a great opportunity for […]

Advances in Perio Charting

We just got back from the Greater New York dental conference and I was reminded that I hadn’t updated my blog. It was a very busy meeting, they said there were 59,000 dentists there, plus staff, wow!! It was so nice to see so many software companies that have finally got perio charting in their […]