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Help with Periodontal Charting

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hygienists is that they can’t get anyone in to help perio chart. I’m amazed at every meeting we go to how many hygienists aren’t able to update their periodontal chart because none can come in and help, so it slips by. The hygienists know it is the […]

We now have Stand Alone Perio Charting Software!!!

When we were at the Greater NY Dental meeting we ran into so many offices that didn’t have any perio charting software and wanted to use the Dental R.A.T., so we decided we wanted to offer stand alone perio charting software for those offices!! So we now have stand alone perio charting software- OPChart!! We […]

Best Of Class Products 2011

We were just honored with the recognition from the Pride Institute for Best of Class for 2011!!  When Dr Lou Shuman- president of the Pride Institute called to let me know I was so surprised!  We got to be on the cover of Dental Product Reports and there will be a large booth at the […]