Help with Periodontal Charting

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hygienists is that they can’t get anyone in to help perio chart. I’m amazed at every meeting we go to how many hygienists aren’t able to update their periodontal chart because none can come in and help, so it slips by. The hygienists know it is the biggest lawsuit and that is what is so frustrating, it needs to get done!

We hear some of the funniest stories that take even more time for the hygienist. They will record the periodontal readings into a tape recorder and then at the end of the day stay for an extra hour to enter the data into the perio chart! Some have even gone so far as having the patients friend or anyone that is available in the waiting room come in and enter the periodontal readings, HIPAA doesn’t like that route.That is why we created the Dental R.A.T., to help the hygienists!

We are so excited that the hygienists are really liking it and finding it so handy to help them periodontal charting! Some are even nicknaming their Dental R.A.T.’s (Violet or Blackie).

And now it is finally available thru Patterson Dental and Henry Schein! And definitely check out our calendar and come see us at a dental conference!!

We now have Stand Alone Perio Charting Software!!!

When we were at the Greater NY Dental meeting we ran into so many offices that didn’t have any perio charting software and wanted to use the Dental R.A.T., so we decided we wanted to offer stand alone perio charting software for those offices!! So we now have stand alone perio charting software- OPChart!! We will be demonstrating it at the Yankee meeting and will soon have a demo on our website. It has a 30 day trial, and its great! It has nice easy buttons for marking bleeding and supporation and everything can be completed in a single pass, recession and pockets! It has great graphics to print for patient education; and, it bridges with any software or is stand alone! Plus, it’s not expensive! Only $1195!

So for those offices that don’t have their own software yet- we got you covered!

Dental R.A.T. foot mouse article

Modern Hygienist

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Horizon Air

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Best Of Class Products 2011

Dental Rat 2.0 is listed as one of the best products of 2011.We were just honored with the recognition from the Pride Institute for Best of Class for 2011!!  When Dr Lou Shuman- president of the Pride Institute called to let me know I was so surprised!  We got to be on the cover of Dental Product Reports and there will be a large booth at the ADA Technology Expo that we get to be a part of.  This will allow offices to have a hands on section at the ADA- Wow! What an honor and I’m sooo excited!

There were several products honored with this award, each in their own technology class.  He mentioned that these companies all were ahead of the game and have an impact on industry and leaders in the industry.  Here I’ve listed a few…Gendex GSX-700, F-Secure, Acteon Soprolife, Sesame Communications, Cadent iTero, LED Dental Velscope Vx, Air Techniques Spectra, Sirona Cerec with Blue Cam, Lares Lightwalker, Dentsply professional NUPRO, Carestream Dental Kodak, Curve imaging software, Kerr SonicFill, Somnomed Matrx, Orascoptic Freedom.  Congrats to all in their own class!  As Dr Lou Shuman says, “The process is strictly unbiased and non-profit provided by the leadership in technology.  The dental community can rely on these selections with complete confidence.”

I’m honored to be among this group!!