We now have Stand Alone Perio Charting Software!!!

When we were at the Greater NY Dental meeting we ran into so many offices that didn’t have any perio charting software and wanted to use the Dental R.A.T., so we decided we wanted to offer stand alone perio charting software for those offices!! So we now have stand alone perio charting software- OPChart!! We will be demonstrating it at the Yankee meeting and will soon have a demo on our website. It has a 30 day trial, and its great! It has nice easy buttons for marking bleeding and supporation and everything can be completed in a single pass, recession and pockets! It has great graphics to print for patient education; and, it bridges with any software or is stand alone! Plus, it’s not expensive! Only $1195!

So for those offices that don’t have their own software yet- we got you covered!