Perio Software

The Dental R.A.T. will run your existing software- Just plug and play.*Opchart Perio charting software screenshot.


If your practice management software doesn’t have a perio chart we offer a stand-alone perio chart – OpChart

*New version – has an auto launch – no longer needing to reload each morning

OpChart System Requirements

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The trial version of OpChart is fully functional for 15 uses.

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OpChart, a Stand-Alone Perio Software, is Perfect For:

  • Offices that are not ready for full practice management software
  • Offices that want to extend their current practice managment software capabilities
  • Full legal documentation – perio charting is the primary dental malpractice lawsuit (see examples here)
  • Patient education (you can even print take-home documentation)
  • Audio feedback as you enter the pocket depths, recession, bleeding, suppuration for patient education
  • Graphically demonstrates bone level and gum line
  • Single pass entry of perio pockets, recession, bleeding, suppuration, mobility, and furcations
  • Saving previous charting for comparison or editing

Additionally, using OpChart and Dental R.A.T. together will help you operate a more profitable dental practice.

  • The Dental R.A.T. enables one employee to do what has traditionally taken two.
  • OpChart allows periodontal depths to be recorded, which leads to more accurate billing for periodonal maintanance appointments.
  • Together they will provide full documentation with accurate perio charting, which makes easier insurance billing and helps avoid legal ramifications.

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