Boomer – The foot mouse

Boomer The Foot Mouse is getting some attention!  We have been getting a lot of great press the last couple months, here are a couple links to some of the newspaper articles about our new foot mouse in our area.  Idaho Tribune We are also anxious to see the cable show that we are being featured on in February!  Ion Network’s show “Worlds Greatest…” is featuring us, we don’t have the exact date yet but we are excited!!!  They will be talking about the Dental R.A.T. and also our new foot mouse for the medical, surgical or disabled market “Boomer The Foot Mouse”.  We’ll keep you posted, it’s a great start to 2013!

New Foot Mouse

As we’ve gotten more Dental R.A.T.s out there we have had many doctors ask for a smaller one with just a mouse with left and right mouse clicks for opening up x-rays and running intra-oral cameras in their operatories.  While researching this new unit, we realized that this new one would work very well also in the disabled market, for the general public that has a hard time using a hand mouse.  Since my patent covers this we decided to move forward & we have received an SBIR grant award to move forward.  So we are currently in the middle of research & development for our new smaller foot mouse (no name yet:)).  There are a lot of people that either have arthritis or carpal tunnel or missing limbs.  It would be so fun to have something to offer them that is wireless, simple and easy to use with one foot.  Its coming… so keep your eyes out.  In the meantime the existing Dental R.A.T. will work for those with upper extremity disabilities, but the new one will be smaller and without the numbers.