Advances in Perio Charting

We just got back from the Greater New York dental conference and I was reminded that I hadn’t updated my blog. It was a very busy meeting, they said there were 59,000 dentists there, plus staff, wow!! It was so nice to see so many software companies that have finally got perio charting in their practice management software suites. The major practice management software companies have had perio charting included but it had amazed me how many didn’t have any perio modules. Those that already have perio charting like Dentrix, EagleSoft, SoftDent, PracticeWorks, Panda Perio etc, the Dental R.A.T. just plugs in and runs. I was so excited that Easy Dental finally got their perio chart and the Dental R.A.T. runs it perfectly too. There are several that have or currently are upgrading their perio modules to run easier with the Dental R.A.T.; like XLDent, MacPractice and The Complete Exam. Its just so nice to have others concentrating on helping us hygienists perio chart easier!

We aren’t left alone to fend for ourselves.

I saw there is now even a perio probe that has a light so its easier for us to see the readings!! How nice! With all the advances in perio charting there is no excuse not doing it and it comes back to us in the long run because it all helps the patient understand their conditions and then they accept our proposed perio treatment.

Help with Periodontal Charting

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hygienists is that they can’t get anyone in to help perio chart. I’m amazed at every meeting we go to how many hygienists aren’t able to update their periodontal chart because none can come in and help, so it slips by. The hygienists know it is the biggest lawsuit and that is what is so frustrating, it needs to get done!

We hear some of the funniest stories that take even more time for the hygienist. They will record the periodontal readings into a tape recorder and then at the end of the day stay for an extra hour to enter the data into the perio chart! Some have even gone so far as having the patients friend or anyone that is available in the waiting room come in and enter the periodontal readings, HIPAA doesn’t like that route.That is why we created the Dental R.A.T., to help the hygienists!

We are so excited that the hygienists are really liking it and finding it so handy to help them periodontal charting! Some are even nicknaming their Dental R.A.T.’s (Violet or Blackie).

And now it is finally available thru Patterson Dental and Henry Schein! And definitely check out our calendar and come see us at a dental conference!!