Hands Free Perio Charting

Are you a Hygienist?

Dental R.A.T. Makes The Most Sense – Patti DiGangi, RDH

“The Dental R.A.T. makes the most sense and one of the easiest ways to take our charting and diagnosis to a higher level without further injuring our own bodies to do so. Hygienists are accustomed to using their hands- now its time to use our feet too!”

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Convenient, Hands-Free, Patient Friendly – Vickie Weaver, RDH

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed using your terrific foot operated mouse. There is such a need for hands-free, no hassle equipment of this nature. With your R.A.T., I love being able to review X-rays and take full mouth probings using my feet for the controls. Hands-free gives me a convenient way to offer more for my patient’s visit. Yes, I have an assistant to help me, but for those quick moments when I want another view of the bitewings or to check a pocket, the foot control is unobtrusive and easy to operate. Documentation becomes easier and I can concentrate on the patient and her needs. Thank you for finding a way to make a hygienist’s day more efficient and fun at the same time. Thank you again. your design is terrific.”

Vickie Weaver, BS, RDH

Consistent Perio Charting – Penny Loucks, RDH

“I am writing in response to the R.A.T. I love it!!! It is so easy to use! For the first time in 25 years of practicing hygiene I am completely consistent with my perio charting. Thank you!”

Penny Loucks, RDH

Easy To Learn – Michelle Heil, RDH

“I am a hygienist of 18 years with 16 years perio experience. In my years of practice I have always struggled with charting single-handedly. Keeping a sterile environment or over utilizing the dental assistants has been an ongoing challenge. I was thrilled to try the voice activated perio charting but quickly became frustrated due to the lack of technology which led to many errors. The Dental R.A.T. has been a true fix for this persistent problem. I have found it to be easy to learn, quick and convenient to use and overall dramatic solution to hygienists’ ability to chart alone. The entire staff has felt a welcome drop in the stress level of our perio office due to the assistants not being pulled in many different directions. I would strongly recommend every dental office add the Dental R.A.T. to each hygiene operatory!”

Michelle Heil, BS, RDH

Thorough and Easy Perio Charting – Natalie Barrett, RDH

“As a hygienist the R.A.T. helps me to be more thorough and complete with ease. I am able to quickly perio chart and give me, the dentist and the patient the current data and treat the patient appropriately for the conditions I find, I love it!”

Natalie Barrett, RDH

Convenient and Accurate the First Time – Sophie P., RDH “I love having the convenience to chart all my perio readings when I want to and accurately the first time!”

Sophie P.,RDH,BS