Value to Patients

Treat your Patients right.

  • Your patients will feel like they are getting the best care as their records are being kept regularly and accurately.
  • They also will appreciate the privacy of the Dental R.A.T., all of the information is just between the operator and the patient.
  • Often the patient already feels like they are being tested, but with the Dental R.A.T. their periodontal records are kept private.
  • Being able to record the periodontal readings and educate the patient at the same time makes your time with the patient more valuable.
  • Patients are becoming much more aware of cross contamination issues and when they see that you can enter data without leaving their mouth and without any cross contamination they really do appreciate it.
  • Patients really appreciate the new technology with computers but they do understand how dirty keyboards and mice can be, they do appreciate the fact that we are putting their needs first.

As a patient I love the privacy of the Dental R.A.T. ! I already feel like I’m being tested but this way no one else hears my numbers! Plus, I know they are keeping things sterile

Shawna V.
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